About Me

Daisy Strahan started working in interior design 6 years ago. Currently, she wears many hats for Oakmont Design, working as the digital marketer, photographer, and an admin for the business.

This website is a pet project and a creative outlet to let her imagination run wild.

What Daisy loves most about her work is the design work itself. She enjoys the mental and psychological investments that accompany a project. Daisy loves the challenge of creating new designs and the rush she receives when a design finally falls into place.

As the business photographer, Daisy takes pride in photographing the finished product, stating that she enjoys seeing a project “when it’s finally realized.” She also enjoys being able to showcase the designs the team has created.

Outside of the office, Daisy volunteers for Orange County Pit Bull Rescue. With OCPBR, Daisy works to support neglected or abused dogs, ensuring they find safe, permanent homes as well as opportunities to thrive. She has been volunteering for OCPBR since 2014.

Daisy is married and enjoys surfing and practicing yoga when she has time.

Daisy earned her BA in Photography with Minors in Dance and Spanish.


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